Artison Custom Soundbars

Artison Studio Series Soundbar


With televisions getting slimmer, flatter, more streamlined and producing a picture quality that’s better than ever before sound is very much compromised. Artison have designed a Soundbar that is an audiophiles experience without the big boxes, the only element of the speaker that is visible after the installation is the grille which appears to be an integral part of the TV.

What makes the Artison Soundbar Studio Series so unique is the grille is made to the size of the screen and can be installed to fit around the webcam’s that are now on current models. The Soundbar is only 2.2″ deep which is incredibly slim.

Artison’s Studio Series has added a whole new dimension to home entertainment, bringing truly amazing LCR sound to your TV from a single, discreet speaker. Movies, music and games come to life in a way you never thought possible. You won’t believe the difference an Artison Studio Soundbar can make. Designed to be attached to the bottom or top of a flat panel display, side-firing stage tweeters widen the soundstage and give the listener a completely encompassing accurate home theater experience. The Studio Soundbar integrates seamlessly into any flat panel installation whether you are looking for an L-C-R solution for lounge, bedroom or kid’s playroom.

Studio 39-SB

The smallest of the Studio series is the 39, is named because it will fit on displays measuring 39 inches wide; this compact yet powerful Soundbar has the same proprietary woven, carbon-fiber mid-woofers found on as it larger siblings. Like its larger counterparts the Studio 39 features one stage tweeter on each end of the enclosure that fire back against the front wall to provide a large and dramatic soundstage. All of the Studio Series use the same aluminum extrusion and are simply cut to different lengths. The enclosure provides a rigid and resonant free chassis on which to mount the four woofers and three tweeters handling L.C.R.

The 39 is ideal for smaller displays in systems that still demand excellent sonic performance and imaging

Studio 46-SB

The most versatile of the Studio series the Studio 46 with its extruded aluminium enclosure is 7 inches wider than the 39 allowing more movement of air creating a wider soundstage and a more all-encompassing sonic experience. The Studio 46 having 6 long throw carbon fibre Mid-range woofers, giving it two more than in the Studio 39, 3 DX Super Audio Tweeters, 2 stage tweeters. For larger rooms and more powerful systems, the Studio 46 will deliver the detail and impact necessary for an impressive audio/video experience.

Studio 55-SB

The impressive Studio 55 coming in at 55 inches wide is an astonishing piece of audio engineering. With six long-throw carbon fibre mid-woofers complimented by high-performance XT tweeters giving you amazing clarity and crystal clear response. As the largest of the three models, the stage tweeters on each end of the enclosure expand the soundstage to fill the entire room with sound.