Audio Visual Distribution


Distributed Audio – Get the most out of your music library.

Using today’s state of the art multi-room audio equipment, Halo AV are able distribute a number of audio sources throughout multiple rooms.

By carefully selecting the appropriate type of loudspeaker for each room such as in-ceiling on-wall or even invisible! The aesthetics of the home remain intact but are also enhanced. Coupled with either simple handheld controls or discrete in wall keypads these systems can be heard but almost not seen!

Halo AV have spent many years building relationships with exclusive manufacturers of hi-fidelity systems from around the world so we can deliver the best possible audio system for our clients. At the same time we recognise the trend towards personal, discrete audio players. The audio industry has been revolutionised by digital music and the ability to store vast amounts of music on a hard drive or stream songs from the internet. We welcome the way people are rediscovering their music through systems of this sort, and personal portable music players that let you listen to what you want when you want. Of course we’re seeing people struggle with new problems – how to keep their music in sync between different properties, for example.

Our designs allow for synchronisation and high-quality sound whilst retaining the ease of use of the portable MP3 players and integrating them with the wider systems throughout your building. So you can dock your portable player with your multi-room system and play your music wherever you need or edit a playlist, selecting your music with ease from your PC, Mac, Smartphone, tablet computer or one of our dedicated controllers.


Video and HD TV distribution – Bring your photos, music, movies and media to life

There is an ever increasing array of delivery methods of content into the home using interactive services on broadband, satellite and cable. Halo AV systems allow you to enjoy highly personalised content when you want, where you want, around your home.

Multiple sources such as hard disk AV servers, DVD, Blu-ray, Satellite (including foreign language services), online TV and even CCTV images can be enjoyed simultaneously by different users at the same time.

You can remotely control and view any channel independently in any room or select separate video sources such as CCTV and door entry on any screen. We give you access to your recordings and let you easily select a high-definition (maybe even 3D or 4K) film to watch from your own library or various online services.