Stewarts FilmScreen

People who know motion pictures prefer Stewart projection screens because they want to enjoy the best possible picture—vibrant color, sharp contrast, and rich detail. In fact, filmmakers have long relied on Stewart screens in the making of their films—in special effects creation as well as in the editing and production processes. Studio screening rooms and film production houses around the globe trust Stewart screen quality to such an extent that it is the industry standard reference material for color balance, details, and textures. Filmmakers know that the secret to achieving the best possible image is to use the very best screen—an Academy Award®-winning Stewart projection screen. Even the home of Oscars®, the state-of-the-art Kodak Theater in Hollywood, uses Stewart screens. Your screen is manufactured in the same way, by the same craftsmen, as the screens used by people who really know how a film should look.

What makes a great image in any environment?

High contrast—the difference between the brightest white and the deepest black on the screen. The wider the range, the better the image, colors, rich textures, and shadow details. That is why theaters have traditionally been dark rooms—to keep the blacks black. Ambient light competes with projected light, washing out the image.

Thinking out of the box

Projectors today are powerful, producing very bright images. Manufacturers specify a contrast ratio, say 800:1 (white: black). However, this contrast ratio is measured at the projector itself, and not the viewing surface. What matters to you is the contrast ratio at the screen, since that is what you see. Ambient light (from windows, lamps, or projected light bouncing off walls or ceiling) affects the contrast at the screen. A dark room built to eliminate ambient light has long been the way to ensure an optimal image. Now, Stewart screens with active reflective coatings allow breaking out of the “dark box” and enjoying a vibrant image in any environment.

Gray screen technologyFor environments with high ambient light, a gray screen enhances black levels, therefore improving your image contrast. However, gray alone is not enough; you need Stewart’s specialized optical coating to achieve a full range of brightness and dynamic color range. In fact, the first Stewart screen to introduce this technology, FireHawk, won more industry awards in one year than any other projection screen in history.
Where you cannot control the environment, control the contrastThere is no single magic screen material—every application has unique demands. Selecting the right screen involves consideration of various factors such as projector type, fixed or retractable screen, viewing angles, ambient light conditions, seating layout, and image size. Stewart offers a screen material for every environment, so let us help you determine the one that is best for you.Screen chemistryTo provide consistent quality and innovation year after year, you need the right ingredients and understanding of the science involved in perceiving projected images. That is what we do. We make multiple screens for special circumstances & customized applications that we are constantly thinking about the technology behind precision projection surfaces.Seamless screen surface

Projection screens must be seamless to ensure superb image quality. Seams will not only distort your image, but also reduce resolution and contrast levels. Stewart manufactures seamless screen materials up to 40ft. by 90ft. for a picture perfect image for any application.

Superior quality control

Stewart achieves consistent top-of-the-line quality by controlling all critical steps in the screen production process. If you were to visit our facility, you would see something very unusual. We make the screen fabric from raw materials; we do not buy it ready-made. We manufacturer each screen to fit your exact need. Each product is inspected carefully every step of the way, and then packaged with extreme care for delivery. Our team of craftsman are well-trained, experienced, and know quality from start to finish.

Service—we think about you, not just the screen

There is a lot that goes in to choosing the right screen: things like ambient lighting, viewing angles, projector type. Based on our years of experience, we have the knowledge to help you make the right choice. If you have questions in regards to the use or maintenance of a Stewart projection screen, we are here to help. Dealers have voted to give Stewart the Inside Track Award for Best Customer Service for several years running.

Exceptional Credentials

The team building your screen is made up of the same craftsman who are building screens for Mission Control (NASA), flight simulators, AMC theaters, “Circle vision” for Disney’s EPCOT Center, Disney California Adventure, special effect screens for Lucasfilm, and more. Only Stewart Filmscreen has the capabilities to build custom projection screen products for these unique projects.